ILPA Publications Ministerial Statements

ILPA's compilations of Ministerial Statements made during the passage of legislation are a resource for practitioners litigaitng the meaning of particular pieces of legislation, for those endeavouring to understand, and to influence, the development of policy and for academics.

Ministerial Statements made during the passage of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill 2009

Steve Symonds and Elinor Harper for ILPA, November 2009. 

The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 (C.4): Ministerial Statements

ILPA, 22 November 2008

The UK Borders Act 2007 (C.30):Ministerial Statements

ILPA, July 2008

The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 (C.13): Ministerial Statements

Alison Harvey for ILPA, 2006

ILPA Ministerial Statements Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants etc.) Act 2004

ILPA, 2004

Ministerial Statements:- The Immigration Exception in the Race Relations (Amendment) Act

Ann Dummett, ILPA, April 2001
This is a download only includes the introduction. For the full text please contact the ILPA Secretariat.

The Human Rights Act 1998 - A compilation of ministerial statements made on behalf of the Government during the Bills' passage through Parliament

Kate Ghose, ILPA, August 2000