ILPA's influencing work

ILPA members grapple daily with the law, policy and procedures as they are.  But, in accordance with the objectives of the organisation, ILPA is also constantly working to influence those who make and implement those laws, policy and procedures. 

ILPA works with elected representatives and staff of all political parties and those without political affiliation, with Government departments, inter-Governmental and official bodies and non-Governmental organisations, throughout the UK, in the European Union, Council of Europe and beyond.

Members identify topics of concern or their expertise is sought in response to requests.  ILPA's activities and responses are all driven and informed by the views and work of members.  Members, officers and staff involved in ILPA's influencing work feed back to members on its progress.

How we work

  • We respond to public consultations and requests for comments.
  • We are also proactive, taking up matters of concern identified by members with decision-makers and others with an interest, such as the European institutions. 
  • We are represented on numerous Government and other advisory groups.  Agenda items are identified by members, and meetings are reported back to members.
  • We provide evidence to parliamentary committees.
  • We provide briefings on legislation that is proposed or before parliament and for parliamentary debates.
  • We support members involved in litigation, with information and evidence.
  • We undertake research and publish reports and best practice guides on matters of continuing concern.
  • We support other organisations working on immigration, asylum and nationality law and on related matters inlcuding through the provison of training, speaking at events, and involvement on advisory groups.
  • We respond to individual enquiries as far as our capacity permits. Members are given priority.

All the above inform our training programme and selection of information for monthly mailing to members.

For example, when new legislation is proposed ILPA is involved from the very first consultations on the topics.  We provide written evidence and meet with officials.  When draft legislation is published, we provide briefings to parliament.  Throughout the passage of the legislation we propose amendments, and try to explain the effect of proposed Government amendments.  We meet with parliamentarians, and are frequently involved in their meetings with officials and Ministers. We respond to requests for information and  we often hold our own meetings with Ministers.  When the legislation is passed, we provide training on its effects.  We keep members and others informed as it comes into force and raise concerns about interpretation and implementation.  We publish collections of Ministerial Statements made during the passage of the legislation, to assist those litigating or undertaking academic work on the meaning of the legislation.

While some ILPA briefings are short, many are of a length and detail that makes them the equivalent of published reports. 

Find out more

  • Get an idea of the volume and range of our influencing work by reading our Annual Reports;
  • See our briefings for our responses to consultations and work on legislation;
  • See our publications for our research, collections of Ministerial statements and best practice guides;
  • Join ILPA to receive our mailing to members (with details of our correspondence with Ministers, officials and others, and papers from meetings we have attended, which are also relayed to our specialist subcommittees) and to become involved in our influencing work;
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