Find immigration advice

Find an immigration advisor in your area, and be sure to read our tips on finding immigration help before seeking advice.

Things to know before seeking advice

Our quick tips to help make it easier to find an immigration law advisor. Be sure to check out our full guide for finding immigration law advice.

ILPA does not give out advice

The ILPA Secretariat cannot give immigration advice on individual cases. Instead, please find a suitable advisor and contact them directly.

I do not speak English

Most immigration advisors will be able to provide interpreters given notice. Some practitioners list the languages that they speak.  

Who can give me immigration advice?

In the UK, solicitorsbarristers, members of the Institute of Legal Executives and those regulated or given an exemption by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) can give immigration advice. For more information on the difference between these, see our careers page.

Barristers in England and Wales are regulated by the Bar Standards Board.  In Scotland, barristers are regulated by the Faculty of Advocates, and in Northern Ireland by the Bar Council of Northern Ireland. 

In England and Wales, solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, in Scotland by the Law Society of Scotland and in Northern Ireland by the Law Society of Northern Ireland.

Only barristers who are part of the Bar's public access scheme can be contacted directly. Barristers who are not part of the scheme are unable to take cases or to give advice directly to members of the public. 

If you are interested in a career as an immigration law practitioner, a good place to start is our information on a career in immigration law.

Will I have to pay for immigration advice?

If you see the words 'Legal Aid' then the firm, organisation or individual listed gives free legal advice, funded by the Legal Services Commission, the Scottish Legal Aid Board and the Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission. Whether you will qualify for legal aid will depend on how much money you have (your income and savings) and on the type of immigration advice you need. You can find information about legal aid on the Directgov website.

You can telephone the Legal Services Commission's Community Legal Advice helpline on 0845 345 4345 for a list of firms and not-for-profit organisations who have a contract to give free immigration advice funded by legal aid. The Directgov website will also give you more information on Community Legal Advice.