All ILPA members receive ILPA's hard copy mailing for members.  All enclosures in the ILPA mailing are posted on the Members' area of this website. Job advertisements are posted on the public area of the website.
Click here for Information on how to place a job advertisement.
ILPA accepts advertisements from non-members for inclusion in the mailing.  The cost of advertising for non-members is £750. Members benefit from special rates. The price covers inclusion in one month's hard copy mailing and display on the website (members' area, apart from jobs) for one month.The criteria for acceptance of the advertisement are that:
It is relevant to the practice of immigration, asylum and nationality law and likely to be of interest to members;
It does not compete with ILPA's own activities (thus, for example, advertisements for training courses are only accepted if they complement, rather than compete with ILPA training).
The acceptance of advertisements meeting these criteria is at the discretion of the Director.  Advertisements can be photocopied in black and white, at no extra charge, or the advertiser can supply multiple copies of colour enclosures.  For further information please email
Mailing Deadlines 2017
Delivery of the mailing is staggered because of volume,  Members receive their copy approximately one week after the dates below. 
Friday 13 January 2017
Friday 10 February 2017                 
Friday 10 March 2017 
Friday 7 April 2017 
Friday 5 May 2017  
Friday 9 June 2017  
Friday 7 July 2017  
Friday 11 August 2017  
Friday 8 September 2017  
Friday 6 October 2017  
Friday 10 November 2017  
Friday 8 December 2017